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25 Aug 2010

we proudly announce the relaunch of our website. its however been develope this time with more information for your perusal...


was born in the 50’s. He is a native of Ondo town, Ondo State and has been practicing as an alternative herbal medicine practitioner from childhood.

Today records show that the products from his development of traditional and alternative medicine researches were the first to receive NAFDAC approval throughout the federation

He acquired education early in life, and has continued to use western education to improve on the development of herbal cure as alternative medicine in Nigeria.

He is a Pioneer student of traditional Medicine, Department of Pharmacy, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Idi-Araba.

His achievements in the field of alternative herbal medical treatment, has led to his winning quite a number of awards.

In 1996, he was awarded African Herbal Medicine Merit through the Nigerian Association of Medical Herbalists, and in the same year was granted a meritorious diploma by the Nigerian Association of Medical Herbalists.

In the year 2002, he was awarded a doctorate degree in Theology and Religious matters by Bread and Life Ministries of Lissenden Gardens, London, England.

In the year 2003, he received a gold merit award for Distinguished West African sub-region, and the African continent.

In 2004 he was awarded Diploma of Distinction as Career Guide Role Model.

Also in 2004, he received the award excellence from the Nigerian Alternative Medicine Practitioners.

On November 22nd same year, he received NTA/RATTAWU National Merit Award to mark the 45th anniversary of television in Africa.

International Entrepreneurial Excellence award in recognition of Entrepreneurial skills and contribution towards development of Global Economy, In conjunction with small and medium scale Entrepreneur under the Presidency of the federal republic of Nigeria, held in England.


He has also bagged the Today’s People international Diploma Award for professional Excellence (Dec. 16 2005)

Honorary Diploma for Agency for Good Governance and Social Development in Africa Dec. 15 2005

Good Ambassador of Corporate Management Gold Award by Certified Institute of Public Administration and Management (22 Dec. 2004).

Unique Health Gold Award for Excellence Performance may 31, 2005.

West Africa patriotic leadership Business/Politics Gold Award. Nov. 2004

Member of Nigerian Prestigious Club (Island Club) Lagos Nigeria.

Past president Satellite Town Lions Club, Lagos Nigeria.

Dr. Fahuwa is a member of international health projects for development of traditional herbal medicine and member of several international organizations of health matters. With scientific researches, he has been able to develop cures for small pox, breast cancer, sickle cell, hypertension, malaria, cataract, prostate gland enlargement, elephantiasis and several other diseases and ailments , which the western medical treatments cannot easily cure. Examples of these products found in our market includes a product called AROMA, a perfected cure for sickle cell anemia; a product referred to as ERO, a permanent cure for small pox. Convulsion and hemorrhoid can be cured through a scientifically improved alternative herbal medicine called ASELE. He has also researched into such areas as fibroid, and many more ailments and diseases and this has today helped the modernization of herbal products. The profession of alternative


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